Help us work toward a world free from epilepsy and free from fear of the next seizure.

Nepal Epilepsy Society ( NES) was established in year 2055 B.S and registered as Non-Government Organization (NGO) registered with District Administrative Office. The main aims and objective of NES is to uplift the quality life of the patients with epilepsy in a collaborative manner.

Epilepsy is considered to be one of the common neurological disease with a high public health concern in recent years. The burden of epilepsy is also high affecting the patients and their care givers physically, mentally as well as socio economically. This burden seems very high in low- and middle –income countries like Nepal with high rate of treatment gap resulting in higher number of morbidity and mortality.

3.4 million

People live with active epilepsy


New Case every year

1 in 26

Will develop epilepsy at a point

Message from the President

Its an immense honor to be a President of Nepal Epilepsy Society. This tenure we would like to work together with government and non government organization to educate the medical fraternities with CME, National and International conference, training technician to perform EEG recording and interpretation, pushing the government to enroll more AED in the free drug list for treatment. We will be dedicated for promoting public health awareness through various medium including Television talk, news papers, Social media and articles. Furthermore, rural outreach clinic program will be planned and organized in epilepsy prevalent areas reaching the undiagnosed patients with epilepsy. I believe our team spirit would definitely achieve and strengthen our objectives of the Society.

-Prof. Basant Pant

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